Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pathway House as of December 2012

Main Menu - Buttons to Movie, Dossier, History, and Credits
Pathway House is a digital media project completed as part of an Interactive Digital Storytelling class. It consists of a non-linear narrative and multimedia "unlocks" based on viewer progress. Pathway House can be watched here.

As a student project, I played many roles in the creation of Pathway House. My primary functions were for Adobe Flash programming and Assistant Editing.

Movie Player Interface

Dossier - Unlocks multimedia content with each story ending

History - Visual navigation of scenes for exploration

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Compiled Works as of June 2012

Film Work

Words With (Racially Diverse) Friends - Editing

Yuzo & Mayuko Wedding - Editing October 2011

MineHavoc Server Trailer - January 2012

Binary 2029 - First film project Summer 2011


Interactive Fiction -
(Explanation if you are unfamiliar with the game)
  • 2012 Cyberpunk Mafia (Original flavor based on the genre)
  • 2010 Heroes Mafia (Based on Season 1 of the television show) 

Essays -